1. How long can Frozen Satay Goreng be kept?
For best consumption, our Frozen Satay Goreng can be kept up till 6 months if stored in the freezer. 
2. When can I expect my delivery for my frozen satay?
All orders are made fresh, therefore we require a lead time of 5-7 working days before dispatching your order. Once we have closed our Pre-Order, you will receive a notification message on your delivery schedule.

3. When can I order Bento Set? Is it open daily?
Our bento orders are available every Friday, Saturday & Sunday only. Pre-Order will open on Wednesday onwards at our page.

4.  I want to order Frozen and Bento at the same time. Can it be delivered together?
Unfortunately, no. Both Frozen and Bento sets are outsourced to 2 different courier services, and we aren't able to combine cooked food orders with frozen ones in one delivery. 
5. I would like to have a bulk order bento sets for my company meeting. How do I go about that?

Yes, you can! You can drop us an email at hello@satayummi.com Or WhatsApp us at 89232700 for chat further. We would need at least 3 days notice in advance to process your order.